What Are the Additional Fees for Special Requests with MobilityLink in Baltimore MD?

MobilityLink is a specialized transportation service designed for people with functional disabilities who cannot reach a bus stop and wait without assistance. This service is subject to the law, and the owner is responsible for any fines or related charges (such as violations, citations, towing, maintenance, or storage expenses) that result from the taking or taking into custody of the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold at auction, the owner may request that another active tag be attached to its name if the sale price at the auction does not cover the outstanding balance of the seizure. If you have an unpaid fee per flag, you'll need to pay it before your flag is raised with the MVA. CountyRide provides specialized transportation services for general purpose travel to county residents who meet certain criteria.

To learn more about this program, please refer to the general information book. You can file an appeal if you have been denied eligibility, if you have been granted temporary or conditional eligibility and you believe that you should have been granted full eligibility, or if you were suspended or barred from receiving services. The CharmCard and CharmPass 7-day pass is valid for unlimited travel with the local service for 7 consecutive days from the time the pass is activated for the first time. If you need help understanding this information or help completing or understanding mobility forms or policies, want to request a reasonable accommodation or modification, or need a copy of this document in an alternative format, contact Mobility Information at 410-764-8181, toll-free 1-866-743-3682, TTY 410-539-3497, or MD Relay 71. To meet MobilityLink service requirements, applicants must have a disability that prevents them from accessing, boarding, disembarking, or using other MTA services. Absences and cancellations reduce service efficiency and cause inconvenience to other passengers. Available only on the CharmPass public transportation fare mobile app, the 3- and 10-day CharmFlex fare options for local service allow you to choose when to travel, for approximately 15% less than the price of a day pass. Google Translate is a free automated service that relies on data and technology to carry out its translations.

Additional children (under six years old) and children six years of age or older will be charged the full applicable rate. All information provided to CountyRide is used to schedule trips, obtain and account for funds, and help plan for the long term to meet the transportation needs of Baltimore County citizens. The 31-day CharmCard and CharmPass cards are valid for unlimited travel on any local service for 31 consecutive days from the first activation. The MobilityLink service is available within a three-quarter (¾) mile radius of any LocalLink route in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties, as well as within a three-quarter (¾) mile radius of a Light RailLink or SubwayLink station. The Google Translate service is a means by which DoIT provides content translations and is intended solely for the convenience of users of the website who do not speak English.

CACAT advises the MTA on programs and services, both paratransit and fixed route, affecting people with disabilities who use MTA transportation. When booking a bus or truck service in Baltimore MD, it's important to be aware of any additional fees that may apply for special requests. This article will provide an overview of these fees so that you can make an informed decision when booking your trip. The first fee that may apply is a flag fee. This fee applies when you request a vehicle that has not been previously flagged by MobilityLink. This fee must be paid before your flag can be raised with the MVA. The second fee that may apply is an additional child fee.

If you are traveling with children under six years old or children six years of age or older, they will be charged the full applicable rate. Finally, there may be additional fees associated with reasonable accommodations or modifications requested by passengers with disabilities. These fees are determined on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Mobility Information before they can be applied. It's important to note that all fees associated with special requests must be paid before your trip can be booked. Knowing what fees may apply in advance can help ensure that your trip goes smoothly and without any unexpected costs.

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