Discover Baltimore with the Charm City Circulator Purple Bus

The Charm City Circulator (CCC) is a fleet of 24 free buses that provide locals and visitors with an efficient and cost-effective way to explore Baltimore City, Maryland. This public transportation system is the backbone of the city, connecting four routes in the central business district. The Harbor Connector (HC) is an extension of the CCC and is the city's free shipping service that links 6 docks via four vessels. The MTA bus service has more than 60 bus routes, including the CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink high-frequency routes, which run from several suburbs to downtown Baltimore.

You can track the location of the vehicles in real time on the route map to know when the Purple bus is approaching your stop. Open the app to learn more about any active interruptions that may affect the Purple bus schedule, such as detours, stop changes, trip cancellations, major delays, or other changes in bus route service. Scroll down for upcoming Purple bus schedules at each stop and upcoming Purple bus schedules will be displayed. In addition to bus service, the MTA operates Metro SubwayLink and Light RailLink, which operate in and around the downtown Baltimore area. You can track your bus on a map, monitor updates in real time, and view settings in the Charm City Circulator Purple schedule by downloading the app.

You can see the upcoming schedules of the Charm City Circulator Purple buses in the app, as well as the future departure times of the Purple bus. The Baltimore Water Taxi offers a single price for unlimited round-trip service throughout the day to more than 30 attractions and neighborhoods. You can find real-time information on the crowding levels of Charm City's Circulator Purple buses in the app (available in certain cities or on certain trips). Whether you choose to bike, take the bus, or enjoy a picturesque boat ride, these Baltimore transportation options will help you explore like a local. Show your pride in Baltimore with t-shirts, hats, and hoodies featuring the Visit Baltimore logo.

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